Three Year Diploma Course
£3,750.00 per term
£11,250.00 per year

Exam Fee: The Three Year National Diploma course Trinity College validation fee is approximately £633.00 and can be paid in three annual instalments to the college.

One Year Intensive Course ATCL Level 4
£2,833.00 per term
£8,500.00 per year

The One Year Intensive Course Trinity validation fee is payable in the first term exact amount to be confirmed.

Student Pastoral Care
At Bodywork we are always mindful that we have a duty of care to look after the wellbeing of our students. Our head of Pastoral care is a trained counsellor and all staff are required to undertake Safeguarding and Child Protection training. Emotional health issues are treated both sensitively and professionally and always in the best interest of the student.

We nurture good citizenship and behaviour and provide a family atmosphere, encouraging students and staff to respect each other as well as the environment and community around them.

Policies & Statements
Bodywork promotes individuality and difference and welcomes applications from people from under-represented groups. Equality of opportunity is paramount within our college ethos. Please open the link below to view all of our Policies and Procedures which include Bodywork’s Equal Opportunities, Safeguarding, Race Equality and Disability policies. These policies are issued to all college members.

Download Bodywork Policies & Statements (1.3mb .pdf)