Open Classes at Bodywork

Bodywork Company have over 35 years experience of teaching dance classes in Cambridge to people of all ages and abilities.

Our Facilities Include:

  • 4 studios
  • A wide variety of classes to suit all abilities
  • Seating area for relaxing between classes

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Ballet provides a technical physical foundation upon which other dance techniques are built. It encourages both discipline and awareness of ‘placement’ and ‘line’. It’s also a fantastic workout! Artistry, musicality and an appreciation for the art form are embedded in the training of this subject.

Don’t worry if you’ve never taken ballet before. We have classes ranging from ‘absolute beginners’ to ‘intermediate’ levels of ability.

Our classes teach a variety of jazz dance techniques, from mainstream modern American jazz to the isolation technique of Matt Mattox. They are a great way to help you develop your all round dance skills, giving you better co-ordination and a spontaneous response to rhythm.

Our Contemporary class is a general class for all levels. We begin the class with a warm up and move on to various exercises to strengthen and explore your range of motion and movement. The class finishes with a ‘phrase of dance’ which the class work on for a number of weeks. The class is a way to improve your coordination, fitness and use of breath while dancing through the space, a way to discover new ways of moving and, above all, having fun with dance.
Wear comfortable clothes so that you feel free to move. Socks, foot thongs or bare feet are recommended. Come and give it a try!

Commercial dance is a choreography based style used predominantly by music artists for their videos, tours and TV Appearances. The focus is on versatility, performance, dynamics and strength in these classes.

This proven exercise system teaches core strength, flexibility and fluidity. Focusing on breath, posture and alignment.

We are delighted to welcome Jaz Goddard to our faculty.

Jaz is a Bodywork Performing Arts graduate and is enjoying a career as a professional singer. She has also built her own personal fitness company and brings both expertise and her bubbly personality to her classes.

Jaz will be teaching our adult tap class on Tuesdays at 8pm. The class is general level but advanced tappers are welcome to come and brush up their skills.

Combinations will be a mix of American tap and more commercial styles, tap shoes are essential. We look forward to welcoming you to make music with your feet!

Barre is a toning, bodyweight lifting workout that targets the entire body. It engages muscles you might not normally target – one deep inside your body that squats, lunges and sit ups don’t reach. With high reps and low impact movements, barre challenges anyone looking to fine tune their muscles – no ballet experience required!

SFC with Orsi is the perfect way to start your Sunday.

Stop counting the reps, start training to the beat and feel the music. STRONG is a full body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training with moves synced to original music that has been designed to match each move.

With each move driven by the music you will feel challenges, burn calories while toning arms, legs,abs and glutes.

Each class closes with a deep stretch to help you recover and become strong in mind, body and spirit.

Yin Yoga with Emma.

Yin is a beautifully nourishing practice on so many levels, come to the mat to:

  • Release stagnant energy that can hide and become tangled in the fascia.
  • Create space and mobility in the joints.
  • The held poses will help you sink deliciously into gravity, allowing tightness, tension and anxiety to give way to a feeling of lightness and calm.
  • Yin will help you to pay attention to where you are holding and gives you permission to to explore letting go.
  • We will use essential oils and crystal sound bowls to enhance the practice and help you feel restored and ready for your week ahead.
Bodywork adult classes have been a central part of my life for 30 years, providing me with fitness, fun and friendships. I’m not really a dancer, but I love the general workouts. Orsi is the best Zumba teacher ever, and Emma’s Pilates classes are brilliant. Wouldn’t be without any of it!
Sue Allen-Mills, Zumba and Pilates class attendee
The adult Tap class at Bodywork this past year has been great and has attracted both beginners and more accomplished people of all ages. Hope, our teacher, has been able to tailor the classes to suit everyone, giving us all a chance to learn steps and routines at our own pace. Her enthusiasm and skill at teaching has been enjoyed by us all. I hope that the class will grow in popularity.
Jan Minter, Tap class attendee
I’ve been coming to Bodywork for nine years now! Creative teachers inspire fun through technique and choreography. Everyone is welcome from newcomers to experienced dancers . I love coming here and being a part of this fantastic dance community.
Giulietta Spudich, Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary class attendee
Street dance at Bodywork is such fun! It’s is all in one: a dance lesson and also good workout session. Since I have been learning with Bodywork, my technique has improved a lot and now I am able to do some foundation moves. In terms of choreography, thanks to Manny, our teacher, my class learnt different types of street dance from popping, locking, house, and even Michael Jackson style routines. If you want to improve your technique, do some great workout sessions and learn some fun choreography with a bunch of nice people, then Bodywork is the place for you. I definitely want to carry on. Join us!
Natalia Hybsz, Street class attendee

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