As a centre of excellence for Performing Arts, Bodywork Company Theatre School help children to achieve their true potential in a nurturing and friendly environment.

Our classes are for all genders, aged three upwards, with a set limit to class sizes to ensure teaching standards are maintained. We offer classes for children of all ages and abilities.

We ensure that our pupils get a solid grounding in all areas of dance and theatre. As training progresses through the different age groups, those who show promise will be offered the chance to deepen their understanding and further their training with our ‘Pre-Vocational’ program ranging from Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Level.

There are many opportunities for our students to perform including our shows ran by Bodywork Theatre School Faculty.

“Our child started at Bodywork nearly a year ago. We placed our trust in the school for her safety, enjoyment and development in dance. Bodywork have overachieved. From walking in to a friendly and knowledgeable reception, to experiencing exceptional coaching; we are 100% sure we’ve found the right place.”
Andy, Parent of a current Theatre School student
“Before our daughter started at theatre school she was shy and timid and had no confidence. After only a year she is like a different child – so confident and full of life. She lives for her classes and the friends she has made and we feel strongly that what she is learning at Bodywork Theatre School (discipline, time-keeping, stamina, etc.) will stay with her for life no matter what career she may end up in.”
Alison, Parent of a current Theatre School student
“Bodywork Company Dance Studios has helped my daughter’s love for dance and performance. Gradually adding new classes, she has developed greater confidence and self esteem. It has given her good posture and socially increased her network of friends. She enjoys working with the different teachers and it has become like a second home for her.”
Jane, Parent of a current Theatre School student

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