Key Information

As a centre of excellence for Performing Arts, we help children to achieve their true potential in a nurturing and friendly environment.

  • Classes for girls and boys
  • Ages three upwards
  • Classes for all abilities
  • A set limit to class sizes

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We place great emphasis on teaching many forms of Jazz dance. Theatre School students have the opportunity to be taught a variety of Jazz dance techniques, which allows them to develop co-ordination and a spontaneous response to rhythm.
Ballet provides a technical physical foundation upon which other dance techniques are built. It encourages both discipline and awareness of ‘placement’ and ‘line.’ Artistry, musicality and appreciation for the art form are embedded in the training of this subject. Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Ballet exams are available for interested students.
Musical Theatre allows students to combine their three skills in order for them to aim to be the ultimate “triple threat”. Theatre School students have the chance to work with top west end performers and it is the perfect platform for them to practice their performance skills.
Classes are based on the techniques of Martha Graham, Limon and Cunningham. Classes focus on developing strength, balance, co-ordination and spatial awareness, alongside the correct alignment. Students learn new and interesting ways of creating movement.
Tap is an essential skill for all Theatre School students. We offer different styles of Tap dance, to develop musicality, use of the body as a percussive instrument, and a good understanding of rhythm, accents and syncopation.
Singing is a great way to improve your voice for solo and ensemble work on stage. Choose from our Singing Technique, Musical Theatre or Urban Choir classes.

Street Dance is the umbrella term for styles that were created outside of dance studios such as Breakdancing/B-Boying, Popping, Locking, House and Hip Hop Dance. In our Street Dance classes, you will learn the techniques and foundation of these styles as well as how to freestyle.

Commercial Dance is a choreography based style used predominantly by Music Artists for their Videos, Tours and TV Appearances. The focus is on versatility, performance, dynamics & strength in these classes.
Our ‘Levels Program’ is for students who want to pursue their training at a pre-professional level with the intention of containing their training on Professional Performing Arts Courses.

All levels students are required to take a minimum of 6 classes a week including two ballet and two jazz classes. Additional classes available include commercial, street dance, contemporary, musical theatre, tap and choir. Levels students often take part in extra performance opportunities including our annual ‘Levels Showcase” at Christmas. Joining the ‘Levels Program’ is strictly by audition only.